I'm into a good deal. Like, really into a good deal. And I just wouldn't feel good about myself if I wasn't offering you a good deal. And part of offering you the best price is that I usually don't use sterling silver. I like it-who doesn't?-but it's spendier. BUT, I do love using it, so if you'd like it on your piece, let me know and I'll gladly substitute sterling silver and let you know the price difference on that particular piece. Usually, it's about $2 extra per item.

And I do a flat 3 bucks for shipping. Buy as much as you like-still just 3 smackers.


Let's Talk Custom

Anything is possible! If you see something you like, but wish I had used a red bead instead of a pink one, let me know! I can switch things up and make it just right for you. Or, you've been thinking that golly, you sure wish you had a neon pink pair of earrings but just can't find what you're looking for in the store? While I can't promise, let's talk about it and maybe I can make just what you've been hoping for.

And do you know what I love best? I love to make something specially and specifically for you. I've had a number of orders where they said to me something along the lines of, "Hey, my sister is young, funky and loves bright colors" or, "My friend is modest and sweet and loves purple" and then I try to translate those adjectives into an earring. Then, I think it's cool that you can say to her, "Hey, I told the "jeweler" all about how you are this this and this, and these earrings are what she came up with." It's like you're wearing a jewelry incarnation of all your best qualities, or something. Anyway... Or, if you find a picture of something else you love, give me a shout, maybe I can duplicate it. (I'll definitely let you know if I can't.)

Ok, but the tricky thing with making a custom piece is that usually, in order to keep my prices low, I shop clearance. But if you want something very specific, chances are, I won't be able to find it on clearance. It's the nature of the beast. So, if you want a custom item, that's great! And I'm delighted to do it for you! But the price might not be exactly as cheap as my norm. You get what I'm sayin' here? Obviously, I'll still try to get you the best deal possible! Okay. Glad I got that off my chest.

Charmed, I'm sure!

I can add charms to whatever you like! Letter charms would be an additional $2. That's easy. But what if, say, you love fleur de lis and sea shells and cowboy boots and you'd just love to have some of them on your piece? Lemme know, I'll price it out for you and then I'll let you know how much extra it would be.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red Rover, Red Rover

 send this bracelet right over...

and the earrings, too while you're at it...


I actually made this for two different people as gifts this Christmas.  It's lovely.  Just lovely.  A camera can't capture the beautiful hue of these beads.  Soft, velvety cocoa with a warm honey undertone.  Plus triple chunky strands?  Please. 

They Key to my (Slightly Gothic) Heart

So one of my friends contacted me before Christmas and said, "Ok.  So I have this sister in law who I have NO IDEA what to get.  I'm hoping that I can tell you a little bit about her and then you can develop something that would fit."  Yes!  Fun!  It worked out pretty well the last time we did that, (same girl!) so we thought we'd try again. 

She said, "Make it a little goth, a little darkish or edgy, and the girl likes vampires."  BUT my friend the gift giver didn't want it to be SO wild or crazy that SHE would be embarrassed to give it.

Well?  How do you think I did?

Favorite Things

I made these cute things for a "Favorite Things" party, where you're supposed to give away something that's your favorite... so I did earrings because I love jewelry and I love to make jewelry.  Problem is, I finished these like right before the party, but I REALLY wanted to keep them for myself.  Then, the gal who got them, I see QUITE frequently and she's wearing them QUITE frequently.  It plagued me for some time.  I finally made my own.  I love them.  They go with everything.  They feel hip.  AND they tinkle a little bit when they move.  LOVE!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Urban Cowgirl

The Urban Cowgirl. Meant to warm the urban girl's wrist, but with a taste of the Wild West. Beautiful bronze coin pearls and antique copper findings are reminscent of a worn saddle, while rope bead spacers and a Lone Star charm are subtle reminders of the old West.

And the earrings to match the Urban Cowgirl have options.

Whoa, Nellie do you have options.

Bracelet: $25

Earrings: $7.50

Chunky Cherries 'n' Chocolate

The bracelet was so cute that it's sold out! I can't find any more beads for it. Too bad! Especially too bad because I never managed to make one for myself!!

Don't challenge me in an alliteration contest.

So she said to me, "I'm going to a wedding. I must have chunk-adillic. Here are the colors. Here's my dress. Go." And I went! Chocolate covered cherries-made out of cherry quartz and Austrian glass beads. This is a set that the more I look at it, the more I love it!

Isn't she cute??


Buy all 3: $45

Poppy Plus Purple Pearl

Seriously. Me + alliterations = awesome.

Also, this necklace = awesome.

And... a close-up...

Cute, huh? And think. Just think! This treatment could be done with any number of those gorgeous pearls!


(This is for sterling silver plated chain. If you want 100% sterling silver, it'd have to be more.)

Moroccan Sun-I couldn't make this EXACT thing again. But I could do something like it...

I have much love and hearts for this bracelet. I feel like the chic-est, coolest gal when I wear it and I feel even COOLER when people comment on it. And then I say, "Yeah. I made it." And then I sniff. Because I'm cool like that. :)

Do you see that gorgeous sunburst clasp? Half the time I wear it clasp out because I dig it so much. *This was cute, huh? Well, I could still make the bracelet, but the clasp is sold out! So I can find other cute clasps, but if your heart is set on this one, I'm afraid I can't deliver!

Now. Com'ere. A little closer. Wanna know a secret? You can make this bracelet go as many times around as you would like! Now wouldn't that be fun??? The 3 strander (as shown) is $15, add another $1.50 for each additional go-round. I think a 5 strander would be AMAZING!

Oh, so you want versatility, do you? In a pinch, you could use this bracelet as a necklace. Yeah. I know!

Are you even ready for the matching earrings? Buckle up.

Aaack! Do you love??? I love. Again, with these little babies swinging from my ears, I think I'm awesometown. And-want to hear a little story? Kay, so I was at this Saturday Art Market, stopped at this woman who made GORGEOUS jewelry-I'm talkin' this gal was doing all of her own metalwork, too. Yeah. Talented. Anyway, I happened to be wearing these little friends and when she looked up, her first comment was to love on my earrings. I humbly told her I made them. :) Alrighty, so these earrings are $7.50. So worth it! Oh. I should mention. These ones are mine, I love them too much to sell, but I will be happy to make you some too, for as long as I can get the beads. (Did I already say that the beads are real coral cubes? They are.)

Berries 'n' Cream

Perfect and perfectly simple. This little bracelet just drips with pop. Not, like, the sticky beverage, but like the designer, "It just POPS!" pop. Sterling silver plus Swarovski crystals and eeensy weensy freshwater pearls, of course.

$12.50 for infant size
$13.50 for toddler size
$14.50 for big girl size.
$15.50 for really big girl size.

Lavendar and Lilacs

Shades of purple are so fun. I love my Leah in purple. I liked adding a few different shades of purple to this sweet little bracelet, and now I think that it goes with all her purple. Sure, throw a shade of purple at me, I bet this'll match it. :) Love it. Do you have another color that you buy your gal a lot of? You want a bracelet in that color? Well why don't you just let me know! I can do it!

$12.50 for infant size
$13.50 for toddler size
$14.50 for big girl size.
$15.50 for really big girl size.


Not the sled, you classic movie lovers, the actual bud of a rose. When I designed this pretty little thing, I wanted it to feel like teeny rose buds, flanked on either side by pretty green leaves. What do you think? You think this might work for your little gal's sweet, soft pinks and greens? Take a minute... think about it... you know it would. :)

$12.50 for infant size
$13.50 for toddler size
$14.50 for big girl size.
$15.50 for really big girl size.

Creamy Cocoa

Oh no. Oh no. Do you see this? LOOK at that bead. That's all the richness of a dark chocolate cocoa with creamy whipped cream swirled in it. I wouldn't blame you if you secretly took a lick of these beads. BE-yew-tiful. They're elegant, classy, sophisticated, creamy, and brown. Brown. You KNOW you need some brown jewelry. You know you do! And this fits PERFECTLY. If you really wanted, I could make a STUNNING necklace out of this. I'm having a hard time getting an accurate picture of how utterly gorgeous these are... hang on a second...

Still feel like it's not doing them justice.


Brown Zebras

Peeeeeeeeeeeeerfection. Really. A.) It's brown. We've already talked about this and you know you need more brown. B.) It's in a zebra pattern, which we both know is trendy and fun. But here's the thing! Instead of being the basic zebra that you might see anywhere, it has become a brown zebra. Marvel of nature, it is. Love it because it's fun and trendy without being typical.


Green Dragonfly-Quite Sold Out

Pretty, huh? And if you wanted, I could use those lovely Aventurine chips to to make earrings similar to the Moroccan Sun. I haven't done it yet. But if you want me to, I can! :) Oh, and I should say, this little friend is one of a kind. Couldn't make another one like it! So, yeah, another one of those Quantity: 1, First Come First Served items. Well, that's what happens with handmade jewelry that you get from a gal who shops clearance/gets her beads whenever/wherever she can. But that's fun, right? You'll know that this is the only bracelet of it's kind in the whole wide world. Special.


Perfectly Peridot-Could not make the necklace again if my life depended on it, but could squeak out a bracelet/earrings set

Okay, yup. I have done a thing. Look at this right now and tell me your mother wouldn't like it. Can you say that to my face? No. No you can't because she would. Listen, gorgeous green freshwater pearls + sparkly green glass bicones + (and here's the rub) antique copper findings and well. Just look what you get! Look, I even sprinkled a little lichen on the rock just to match this shot perfectly. Attention to detail. That's me. :)

Ready for the matching earrings? Can I help it if I think that a PERFECT gift set for anyone you know is earrings + bracelet?

I know.

But hang on, 'cause I made a necklace to go with.

Oh for the love, I love it.

As soon as I get time, I'll make one for me, too.. isn't it pretty? Isn't it just so so so pretty???

Necklace: $35

Bracelet: $15

Earrings: $5

Buy all 3: $50

Honeybee Botanicals

Doesn't that sound like some sort of swanky vintage shop? Or maybe it also sounds like this pair of earrings:

Chunks of creamy quartz paired with lightweight honeybee charms.



Don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, am I right? And these have swing, sisters. Oh yes they have swing. In fact, I couldn't get them to stop swinging for the picture! These are great. The perfect combination of that subtle white mother of pearl, but with a long drop, which makes them interesting. Subtle and interesting. Come now, what more do you want from me? :)

(AND, there's variations here. Picture it with me now-can you see a small round, then big, then a small? That would be fun. Or 3 of the teeny ones? That'd be cute. 4 teeny ones? You're mad! I like it, of course, but you're absolutely mad! :) As always, just tryin' to give you your options.)

Ok, now I went ahead and made one of those options. And I'm telling you ladies, if there is the slightest breeze, these are going to swing like nobody's business. I swear to you, they are even. I also swear to you that it was a windy picture taking day and I could not get them to stay still. So if you buy 'em, you have been warned: they are swingy, bouncy and fun. Don't get them if you can't accept those terms.


Fuschia Flowers

Sweet fuschia petals dangle from a silver bloom.

But there are options. There are always options, aren't there? Here are some other links I have...

Ooohhh, a nice earthy green or brown to go with the leaf? A nautical navy blue pearl with the second (which for some reason reminds me of a wheel on a ship)? Think it over...

Any set $5

Some like it Gold

Yeap. They do. Like her, for example:

She said to me, "BWeed, I need more gold in my life." Very well, here you have it.

I've got solo uno set left. Just one. So sorry. Unless, of course, you want to try to barter with Mrs. White up there. :)

$15 for the set.

(In case you can't tell, it's not real gold. It is gold plated chain, but the pendant and earrings aren't real. Obviously, right? Because if they were, they'd be a couple hundred and that's out of my price range. :)

Paisley Girl

So cute. Paisleys. I'm sorry, but is there any girlier shape? Oh, I suppose you could make an argument for hearts, but paisleys are the shape of choice for the grown up girl. It's 'cause they're SO CUTE, that's why. So today, I offer you sweet silver paisleys. And these little beauts come in two sizes-this is the smaller size, and then they come in a slightly larger size, for those who need just a bit more from their paisley fix.

The larger. The smaller. A dime.

So I can make 3 of the larger and 2 of the smaller. $5 each. Happiness and paisleys will ensue.

Falling Leaves

Perfect to pair with a toasty warm sweater... wearing pretty jewelry makes you feel warmer. Don't ask me to explain the mechanics behind it, but it's true. Plus, we all love fall, don't we? Name me one person who doesn't love fall. And yet, fall is so fleeting. It feels like the shortest season. With this set, you can wear the crisp tones of fall whenever you need a boost!

Bracelet: $10

Earrings: $7 (I used real gold for the earwires-can switch them out if you want.)